I can’t talk about this

And I can’t talk about that

And how dare you put something so private on your Facebook page

And then share it with the whole world

Aren’t you afraid

Aren’t you ashamed


You can’t shame me

I did nothing wrong

Take these stories and weep

But please, society, please

Give me validation and peace


Ancient House

Our “new” washer is a piece of $hi* too, I think, as I walk down two flights of stairs, to the broken machine.

The vacuum barely works, and I crawl around on my knees, trying to keep the floors clean.

The dishes are backing up in the sink, a whole days worth, and there’s a leak in the pipes,that makes the room stink.

The smell of garbage permeates from the cabinet in the corner, it’s old and needs to be replaced, just like me. 

Our toothbrushes need to be wrapped in plastic, to avoid the mold that grows in the bathroom, due to a lack of ventilation.

In this ancient house, that needs renovation, I feel like I’m suffocating.

via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush