Harmony is a Cultural Anthropologist, with minors in Sociology, and Psychology, who loves exploring other cultures (other than her own), astronomy, photography, National & State Parks, writing, helping people cope with trauma, helping people learn to put the past behind them, and her family.

Harmony is a mother of four AMAZING children. The oldest will be attending University of Nebraska @ Lincolin in the fall, and the next two, in numerological order, will attend high school, and the youngest will be in the fourth grade. Harmony’s youngest son has high functioning autism and a general anxiety disorder. These things play a substantial role in some of Harmony’s writing.

Harmony has always been a writer. She has been writing since middle school, and plans to continue to do so well into “old” age.

Harmony has a passion for life, people, animals, and the planet. Harmony loves science, both traditional, and social or the humanity sciences. Harmony’s main philosophy in life is: “We love to love.” In everything Harmony does, she tries to spread love and kindness, compassion and empathy.

Harmony sincerely hopes that you find something on her blog that you enjoy, and that you are not shy in contacting, commenting, and/or liking her posts. Harmony will always answer every, email or comment, and will always visit your blog in return.

Thank you so much for visiting!